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【TVS-2000A Template】Science Fiction Virtual News Set

Science Fiction Style design which is full of the blue elements. It also has arced metal frame as the background. The virtual set studio is suitable for news, science and technology program or other type of programs.

►Download virtual set made by this template; off-the-shelf and easy-to-use:
    Get the virtual set

► Download TVS-2000A 3D decoration to create virtual set with your personal style:
     Check out the 3D decoration

► To learn how to create virtual scenes by TVS-2000A from Datavideo Academy website.
      Please go to: 

►For more information about TVS-2000A virtual studio system, please go to:
    TVS-2000A on Datavideo official website

How to import the template into TVS-2000A template into Virtual Set Wizard:

1. After un-zip downloaded file from the website, save the entire folder into the TVS-2000A path of : D:\TVS-2000 Data\Wizard.  

2. After the folder has been saved, you could open the Wizard and select the template.

Virtual Set Format: .s3d (TVS-2000A proprietary)

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