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【TVS-2000A】Industrial style office virtual set

Add a floor where the company logo can be placed

The office is designed in an industrial style, with cement and wood textures as a main style. The calm black, white, gray and other low-chroma colors are used as the basic tone, and a little wood color is added to achieve a visual and atmospheric balance. Suitable for corporate meetings, presentation, talk show and other related scenarios. 

►Download template of this virtual set to create your customized virtual set:
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►Download TVS-2000A 3D decoration to create virtual set with your personal style:
    Check out the 3D decoration

►To learn how to create virtual scenes by TVS-2000A from Datavideo Academy website.

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►For more information about TVS-2000A virtual studio system,please go to:

    TVS-2000A on Datavideo official website

Virtual Set Format: .s3d (TVS-2000A proprietary)

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