Amber Jones

Valentine’s Day Decoration Virtual Studio Set-2

The Valentine's Day Virtual Set is designed with the amusement park concept. The Ferris wheel with gifts and heart-shaped hot air balloons is suitable for Valentine's Day celebration, entertainment, performances and other related scenes.


We provide 14 different angles virtual set for your need.

Many kinds of virtual set formats that include:

1. TVS-1000A/1200A Free Formats (6 angels only)

2. TVS -1000A/1200A- 2880x1620

3. HD 1 - 1280x720(.png)

4. HD 2 - 1920x1080(.png)

5. UHD - 4096x2160(.png)

6. PSD - 4096x2160(.psd)

7. MAYA (.mel) Render by V-Ray

All format /file includes 14 angles for your need.


For more information about TVS-1000A and TVS-1200A virtual studio system, please go to

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