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【TVS-2000A Template】Green Space with a Bright White Wall with Bookshelves

The white walls enhance the spaciousness of the room.

The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves serve the function of storing books and displaying decorative items.

The floor-to-ceiling windows bring in ample natural light, making the space transparent and bright.

The high ceilings enhance the sense of openness and spaciousness.

Plants bring a sense of nature and vitality to the space.

This design creates a bright and clean environment, giving a sense of openness and incorporating natural elements, thus creating a comfortable and pleasant indoor space.

►Download virtual set made by this template; off-the-shelf and easy-to-use:
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► Download TVS-2000A 3D decoration to create virtual set with your personal style:
     Check out the 3D decoration

► To learn how to create virtual scenes by TVS-2000A from Datavideo Academy website.
      Please go to: 

►For more information about TVS-2000A virtual studio system, please go to:
    TVS-2000A on Datavideo official website

How to import the template into TVS-2000A template into Virtual Set Wizard:

1. After un-zip downloaded file from the website, save the entire folder into the TVS-2000A path of : D:\TVS-2000 Data\Wizard.  

2. After the folder has been saved, you could open the Wizard and select the template.

Virtual Set Format: .s3d (TVS-2000A proprietary)

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